The mission of the Advocacy Working Group (AWG) is to develop practical tools and guidance to improve the effectiveness of ICN members’ competition advocacy activities. The AWG’s original mandate was to undertake projects with a view to recommending best practices and to provide information to members in support of their advocacy functions. This work took place from 2001 through 2003. In 2008, the AWG was reconvened and a revised work plan reflecting developments in the field, including the increased use of market studies, was approved by the Steering Group. In 2008-2009, the AWG engaged in a review and update of existing ICN advocacy work, and examined in greater detail members’ experiences conducting market studies as part of their advocacy efforts, with the goal of developing good practices for conducting studies.  

Current Work

Competition Advocacy Experience Sharing Project

  • To conduct a series of teleseminars on particular types of competition advocacy or particular categories of market problems (e.g. former state monopolies, self regulated markets, after markets, public procurement, according to the Conclusions/ Recommendations of the 2008-2008 Review and Update Project Report and subsequent feedback from AWG members.
  • To update and facilitate the use of Competition Advocacy Toolkit for networking advocacy experts of ICN member agencies as well as NGAs according to recommendations presented in Annex 3 to 2008-2009 Review and Update Project Report.
  • In April 2011, Part I of the updated Toolkit (focusing on the advocacy process and tools) was completed.  Part II will be produced during 2011-2012 and will address communications and public relations.
  • To provide a web-based facility on the ICN website (Competition Advocacy postings page) as part of the Competition Advocacy Toolkit, for member agencies and participating NGAs to post information on their advocacy activities, relevant speeches and articles, and any advocacy issues they may wish to discuss.
  • To liaise with the ICN Advocacy and Implementation Network (AIN) on competition advocacy experience sharing in order to facilitate the advocacy activities of AIN beneficiary agencies in conjunction with the Advocacy and Implementation Support Programme. AIN supporting agencies (those providing advisory assistance to the beneficiary agencies) will examine the needs of the beneficiary agencies in recommendations on competition advocacy issues and prepare such recommendations jointly with the AWG: the AWG will participate in drafting and/or reviewing these recommendations.

Market Studies Project

  • During 2009-2010, a Draft Handbook on Good Practice in conducting Market Studies was prepared collaboratively, with input from a range of ICN member authorities and NGAs. It contains chapters on: overview of the market studies process; project management of market studies; stakeholder engagement; market study selection; information collection and analysis; developing and securing outcomes; and evaluation. The aim of the handbook is to capture aspects of International good practice on market studies.
  • During 2009-2010, the AWG put together data for a web-based Market Studies Information Store listing all the market studies carried out by participating ICN member authorities in the previous five years. This will be a resource for member authorities and for NGAs, and, it is hoped, will facilitate the sharing of good practice on market studies.
  • During 2010-2011, the Draft Market Studies Good Practice Handbook and the Market Studies Information Store were 'road tested'. As part of the road testing, ICN member authorities that are planning to carry out market studies or set up or review market study regimes during 2010-2011 were asked to report on their experience of referring to the handbook in that context, and to suggest any necessary revisions in the light of their experience. The ICN Secretariat will also monitor the number of hits on the Market Studies Information Store in order to assess its usage levels.
  • The road-testing was completed in April 2011 and a report of feedback was compiled. Further amendments to the Handbook and Information Store will be considered during 2011-2012.
  • A Spanish language version of the Draft Market Studies Good Practice Handbook was produced by the Mexican Federal Competition Commission and the Fiscalía Nacional Económica of Chile.
  • Based on the road-testing feedback in 2012 the ICN Market Studies Good Practice Handbook was finalised.

Contact Information

The Working Group is co-chaired by the Autorité de la Concurrence (France), the
the Competition Commission of Mauritius, and the Portugese Competition Authority. 
For more information about the AWG, please contact:

Ms. Sophie-Anne Descoubes                  Ms. Marianne Faessel-Kahn
Advisor for International Affairs                Advisor for International Affairs  
Autorité de la Concurrence (France)       Autorité de la Concurrence (France)
Tel: 33 (0)1 55 04 01 32                            Tel: 33 (0)1 55 04 01 69

Ms. Mariana Tavares                                   Ms. Mariana Vital Morgado
Head of International Relations                International Relations Officer  
Portugese Competition Authority              Portugese Competition Authority
Tel: 35 121 790 2000                                  Tel: 35 121 790 2000

Mr. Sean Ennis                                             Mr. Rajeev Hasnah
Executive Director                                        Chief Economist /
Competition Com'n of Mauritius               Deputy Executive Director    
Tel: 230 211 2005                                       Comp Com'n of Mauritius                                                                          Tel: 230 211 2005